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The Virtualology Task – Started in 1999

The Virtualology Task, started in 1999, created its internet search engine, Evisum.com [2] and combined it by having an online study design that involved more than 7,500 special link details of significant people (GaiusJuliusCaesar.com), occasions (BattleofYorktown.com), locations (HimalayaMountains.com) and issues (thedeclarationofindependence.org). This allowed people into any visitor to simply kind the investigated title, containing a Virtualology website. These academic websites were structured into one digital collection and five digital galleries.

The unique perspective was that every domain name became a unique pupil-writing site. Student submissions were offered through their academics and sent straight towards the URLS’ editing vendors or even to Virtualology ™ Publishers possibly to the person websites. Editing vendors were made up of teachers from the number of academic establishments including libraries galleries, fundamentals, colleges, and historic communities who turned accountable for their URL’s information.

Where pupils posted their focus on URLS called for that subject of the study Virtualology produced a host.

In the place of our kids aiming for their initials on top of some mall gaming; they are able to provide their relatives and buddies the URL address for their printed document at gaiusjuliuscaesar.com or chart drawing at ferdinandmagellan.com or picture at himalayamountains.com or design at tyrannosaurusrex.org or oil painting at michaelangelobuonarot.com honoring their educational accomplishments. Pupil works that were excellent might no further be restricted to the fridge door!

Editing vendors examined, Virtualology and chosen scholar works published the documents, pictures, sketches, movies etc… towards the site URLS that were proper. The concept faltered in 2001 using the fall of web marketing income. Furthermore academics and pupils in 1999-2001 weren’t web savvy and a small interest merely is in the student writing possibilities that are internet.

Virtualology Today

Virtualology was a Century dot.com survivor and proceeds using its objective to “foster an awareness of mankindis excellent occasions, exemplary thoughts, amazing skills, notorious steps, excellent occasions, natural background, medical breakthroughs, and also the party of individuals.” The Virtualology task, along with its founding information, put Appleton’s Cyclopedia of National Resource, online at www.famousamericans.net in 2002 to enhance the historical names of domain.

Most of the unique names of domain put aside for pupil publishing, were contributed to[4] libraries [ 5 ] fundamentals, [ 6 ] colleges, and historic communities [7] that enjoyed within the Virtualology scholar publishing. Many businesses have extended with a few giving university scholarships to successful records [8] using the Virtualology pupil writing design at their particular websites

The Virtualology Task has since moved California with Creator Stanley M, to Hand Harbor. His ten kids who help and Klos keep up with the sites. They’re presently beta-testing Chris Pressureis National Records [9] which is added in 2008 to the Virtualology information.